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pettifogging / занимающийся крючкотворством, мелкий, ничтожный
имя прилагательное
занимающийся крючкотворством
small, shallow, fine, petty, potty, pettifogging
insignificant, paltry, little, small, puny, pettifogging
имя прилагательное
placing undue emphasis on petty details.
I'm working on the broad business vision here, not pettifogging little details
quibble about petty points.
Either they have no idea what is at stake, or they place pettifogging bureaucracy above all else.
Their concern was brushed off as a pettifogging detail rather than an understandable concern.
These concerns for purity should not be understood as pettifogging legalism.
Only the most Lilliputian of political outlooks could consider these kind of pettifogging government measures ‘bold and far-reaching’.
The one thing that Labour has been entirely consistent about is its pettifogging parliamentarism, its proceduralism, its gradualism and its timidity before capital and the Establishment.