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petticoat / нижняя юбка, женщина, детская юбочка
имя существительное
нижняя юбка
petticoat, underskirt, slip
woman, female, she, wife, old woman, petticoat
детская юбочка
имя прилагательное
female, feminine, womanish, petticoat, women's
имя существительное
a woman's light, loose undergarment hanging from the shoulders or the waist, worn under a skirt or dress.
At the bottom of the trunk she found a set of white undergarments including lacy petticoats and a full corseted bodice.
he was in danger of succumbing to the petticoat government of Mary and Sarah
Elizabeth had only gone a little ways into the trees beyond her house when her stays and petticoat lead to her ruin and Will caught her.
he was in danger of succumbing to the petticoat government of Mary and Sarah
Nancy was renowned as a petticoat president who dominated the White House.
She clapped her hands three times and in walked half a dozen servant girls, carrying undergarments and petticoats .
The dress is obviously white but has layers of petticoats beneath the skirt making it poof out.
Lydie wore several extra petticoats under her dress and over it was a warm peacoat.
The women wore dresses with many petticoats , gloves on their hands, and bonnets or hats on their heads.
Layers of stiff net petticoats went under taffeta strapless dresses that made waists look tiny.
She swiftly pulled on the tunic, then the stockings, the corset, petticoats , skirt and boots.