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petrochemical / нефтехимический
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
mineral oil, petrochemical
имя существительное
a chemical obtained from petroleum and natural gas.
A chemical engineer may specialize in pharmaceutical chemistry, petrochemicals , food additives, ceramics, environmental clean - up, safety engineering, or nuclear chemistry.
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting substances obtained by the refining and processing of petroleum or natural gas.
a huge petrochemical works producing plastics
Under the hood are fluid tanks, hoses, and plastic clips made of petrochemical polymers.
Whatever the classification system, scientists have yet to produce a fully biodegradable alternative to conventional petrochemical derived plastics, without compromising properties and cost.
Although there are no data showing the connection between the two magmatic systems at shallow crustal levels during the eruption, the petrochemical data point to a common parent magma derived from a unique deep source.
Incidentally, the term ‘pure essential oil’ (as claimed by the producers) is a misnomer because the highly toxic petrochemical solvent hexane is involved in the extraction process.
To implement the project, PTT must invest in the construction of a 6th gas separation plant to accommodate the natural gas demand for petrochemical production.
Acetone is prepared by several routes, from petrochemical sources.
Research and development efforts in the chemical industry are significantly more productive with the use of catalysis in fields such as fuel refining, petrochemical manufacturing, and environmental management.
Under its petrochemical and plastics segment, Atofina is the world's third largest producer of polypropylene, eighth largest supplier of polyethylene and fourth largest producer of polystyrene.
Oil spills, petrochemical pollution, DDT, and toxic defoliants have rendered this appendix on the Caspian Sea's air, soil, and water almost beyond repair.
And some of the most important inorganic compounds, such as sulphuric acid and ammonia, rely upon the petrochemical industry for their feedstocks.