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petiole / черешок листа
имя существительное
черешок листа
petiole, leafstalk
имя существительное
the stalk that joins a leaf to a stem; leafstalk.
Plants were dissected into leaves, stems with petioles , and inflorescences.
Plastid morphogenesis in stalk cells of the two types of trichome from both the stem and leaf petiole is highly variable, and a variety of different plastid morphologies can be observed in the same stalk cell.
Combs are attached to a substrate directly or by a petiole , and in larger nests combs can be a unit of construction themselves in forming stacked comb nests.
The high pressure flow meter was first used to measure the hydraulic conductance of whole shoots and its components, i.e. stems, petioles , and leaf blades in Quercus, Acer, and Populus species.
Plants were dissected into leaves, stems with petioles , and inflorescences.
Several other plants had flowers borne on pedicels about three cm. long and petiolate bracts, the bracts being about as long as the pedicels.
Paper wasps are longer, thinner, and more smooth and shiny than honey bees and have longer, narrower waists (called petioles ) than do bees.
For experiments, Cuscuta shoots of 30-35 cm length were cut from the stock culture and carefully twisted around the stems or petioles of older source leaves.
Ants have one or two bumps at their thin waists called petioles .
Earlier studies have shown that the retarding effect of low petiolar temperatures on sucrose transport through sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) petioles is markedly time-dependent.
Perennial scapose herbs with simple stems from short, stocky, horizontal rhizomes bearing a whorl of 3 net-veined, green or mottled, ovate-obovate or elliptical bracts, petiolate or sessile, flower solitary.