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pestilential / чумной, пагубный, тлетворный
имя прилагательное
pernicious, harmful, fatal, destructive, malign, pestilential
pestilential, pestilent, harmful
имя прилагательное
harmful or destructive to crops or livestock.
these pestilential lichens flourish only in unpolluted air
Their reputation was pestilential , and the greatest care was taken to leave them alone.
Most times, apart from the pestilential traffic lights, there is hardly a vehicle to be seen, but it is still costing £200,000 as a temporary measure’.
During the hot weather it's a pestilential place, populated by heavy clouds of biting insects.
It has rid us of a pestilential politics based on religious hatred and elitist contempt for the poor.
Who can wonder that pestilential disease should originate and spread in such situations?
He found a population of about 150 Malay inhabitants and a tropical rainforest edged by pestilential swamps.
If there is a powder-like whitish coating covering the tongue surface, it is caused by the internal accumulation of summer-humid heat and is usually seen at the onset of pestilential diseases.
It is a pestilential bureaucracy, which attempts to micro-manage higher and school education.
It must be realised that the developers who are trying to spoil our town rely on people thinking that they have already objected to their pestilential schemes and don't have to do so again. But this is not so.
Her mixture burned the pestilential corpses that threatened the defenders and her illuminations at night thwarted Vandal attacks.