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pester / докучать, донимать, надоедать
bother, pester, annoy, importune, interfere, bug
pester, bombard
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, pester
trouble or annoy (someone) with frequent or persistent requests or interruptions.
she constantly pestered him with telephone calls
Unscrupulous companies will instead pester you with annoying phone calls or unannounced visits.
Emily split up from Rushton but he pestered her with constant text messages and phone calls.
Thank you to everyone who tolerated my pestering emails (I'm a good pesterer ).
In 1975 she pestered her parents to go to see The Osmonds perform live at Earls Court in London.
She pestered her parents for years to let her go to Germany, with which she had developed a fascination.
Most of the popular girls from my school constantly pestered me for a picture of him, but I never gave them anything.
He later bombarded the 43-year-old woman with calls on her mobile phone, pestering her for a date.
No waiters pestered us to buy more drinks or ask us to vacate the table, even though there were probably hungry diners waiting upstairs.
I don't want a situation that we had in the past where people were pestering players for tickets ahead of big games.
While on the hunt for a new job, she becomes fascinated with the middle-aged manager of a middle-aged clothing store and pesters him into hiring her.