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pest / вредитель, бич, паразит
имя существительное
pest, blast, fly
scourge, whip, pest, curse, plague, lash
parasite, pest, sponge, sucker, sponger, bloodsucker
имя существительное
a destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc..
The biological control of insect pests by using spiders as predators is being studied in four districts of Kerala.
At times he can be really sincere, but until you get to know him he's a real pest .
Fox is not considered a pest but an asset by any real country person unless they are cruel sport supporters or make a few bob from the fur trade.
He didn't want her to think of him as an annoying pest .
he was a real pest
pest control
Now the camel and its driver had lost it economic value and became a nuisance and a pest .
From what you say, it sounds as though these insects or spiders are casual intruders, and what we would consider a nuisance rather than a true pest .
Ministers are going to great lengths to point out that the deer is a fine animal, and must not be viewed as a pest or a nuisance.
Arthur is a troublesome pest who continually annoys people.
Moreover, the virulence of the pest was the greater by reason the intercourse was apt to convey it from the sick to the whole, just as fire devours things dry or greasy when they are brought close to it.