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pessimistic / пессимистический, пессимистичный
имя прилагательное
pessimistic, downbeat
pessimistic, bearish
имя прилагательное
tending to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen.
he was pessimistic about the prospects
As she wanders, her thoughts become more and more pessimistic and she begins to reflect on life and grows depressed.
Contrary to what it might seem this is not a fatalistic or a pessimistic approach, but a realistic one.
Dixon also accused him of being unduly pessimistic about the prospects for renewable energy.
Most are pessimistic that a sustainable deal will be reached and expect the dispute to escalate.
Pina is also pessimistic about the prospects for more accurate media coverage of Haiti.
I'm pessimistic about what's in store for them
I don't like being pessimistic - I think that, generally, life is getting better for most people.
One can only hope that such a gloomy view is unduly pessimistic .
His films have become increasingly gloomy and pessimistic , even morbidly so.
It would be too painful and pessimistic not to hope and believe in you.