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pesky / докучливый, досадный, надоедливый
имя прилагательное
bothersome, pesky, importunate, trying, everlasting, pestiferous
annoying, pesky, vexatious, sad, maddening, aggravating
bothersome, annoying, pesky, boring, irksome, tiresome
имя прилагательное
causing trouble; annoying.
pesky mosquitoes
It turns out that mosquitoes are a pesky problem on his island in the South Pacific.
Any pesky remnants of feelings she used to have for him would just have to be dealt with later.
In Glasgow or on the west Coast, you can barely walk down the road without bumping into a pesky little trattoria.
Trim as necessary and adhere to the top of the wood making sure to get out any pesky air bubbles.
Jack needs to get rid of these pesky aphids and he needs the money to buy insecticide.
Anarchy would be attractive, if it wasn't for the peskiness of human nature.
The experience would have been an enjoyable save for Nicole who had attached herself peskily to my side.
Norway, in attempting to stem the returns from the fitful peskiness that underpinned Scotland's gameplan, ended up falling back on what they know best.
I was trying explain to someone the other day why I was continuing to hang out with someone who was, by all accounts, a cause of a lot of peskiness for me.
Their music is an inspired secret collusion of big beats, sassy rapping and peskily unsettling electro hooks.