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pervade / проникать, наполнять, пропитывать
permeate, penetrate, pierce, enter, infiltrate, pervade
fill, refill, fill up, imbue, charge, pervade
impregnate, soak, permeate, saturate, penetrate, pervade
(especially of a smell) spread through and be perceived in every part of.
a smell of stale cabbage pervaded the air
I think that managers have got to have a better understanding of the discrimination issues that pervade throughout the service at the present time.
The houses of each household were so near that if the neighbours were cooking meat with an occasional onion, the sweet aroma from the boiling pot would pervade the air.
No doubt, such favourable visions of globalization pervade public opinion and political choices.
Disbelief, anger, worry and fear now pervade rural communities throughout the country.
Yet the atmosphere pervading their writings and the very style of the fine arts and music in that period speak to the contrary.
His mind was ripped out of his personal bliss when the smell of cigarette smoke pervaded the air and a rough hand wrapped around his mouth.
Soon, the sweet scent of the rice pervades the air and the wine makers use a fan to lower the temperature of the rice.
The air was pervaded by a sickening sweet smell of burnt meat and charred wood.
This metaphor, one of the most powerful of the Enlightenment, in some sense pervaded the popular culture of that time.
A sense of fear pervades the entire state, with people afraid to speak out against the atrocities of Pakistani terrorists.