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perturbed / возмущать, нарушать, беспокоить
perturb, shock, scandalize
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, transgress
worry, disturb, bother, trouble, harass, fret
имя прилагательное
anxious or unsettled; upset.
she didn't seem perturbed about the noises around her
make (someone) anxious or unsettled.
they were perturbed by her capricious behavior
subject (a system, moving object, or process) to an influence tending to alter its normal or regular state or path.
nuclear weapons could be used to perturb the orbit of an asteroid
He is perturbed to have been the subject of newspaper serialisation.
In truth, Lizzy was a little perturbed .
However, book-sellers on the opposite footpath are not perturbed by the incident.
Some readers may have been perturbed by the figures quoted in that article.
The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red.
He wasn't the least bit perturbed by the meager audience, nor was he disturbed by the obvious pastoral snub.
I don't get road rage, I just get perturbed .
Deeply perturbed by his absence, some locals suggested they should conduct house to house searches.
Batey was, to say the least, a little perturbed by this.
Julie said she was not at all perturbed about flying on the same plane.