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perturb / возмущать, нарушать, беспокоить
perturb, shock, scandalize
violate, break, disturb, infringe, breach, perturb
worry, disturb, bother, trouble, harass, perturb
make (someone) anxious or unsettled.
they were perturbed by her capricious behavior
subject (a system, moving object, or process) to an influence tending to alter its normal or regular state or path.
nuclear weapons could be used to perturb the orbit of an asteroid
nuclear weapons could be used to perturb the orbit of an asteroid
It could change the heating structure of the atmosphere and perturb the climate system in ways we don't understand now.
In this way, we see that the two systems engage in an exchange, a feedback loop of information and effect, which serves to further change or perturb each system.
Drugs perturb the system through increasing or decreasing transmission or transmitter levels, or up or down regulating receptor populations.
Many suggest that global warming will perturb the climate system so much as to even initiate an Ice Age.
External factors that could perturb development include temperature and environmental chemicals.
If we perturb a system that has a rational frequency ratio, then it can easily be shifted into a chaotic situation with irrational frequencies.
The future of experiments to test the behavioral role of neurons in vertebrates lies in using reverse genetic tools to perturb function.
Did you know that pressure from sunlight alone is sufficient to perturb the orbit of a satellite travelling in the solar system?
By their calculations, it wouldn't take much to perturb our own system, either.