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pertain / относиться, принадлежать, иметь отношение
treat, refer, belong, concern, relate, pertain
belong, pertain, reside, appertain, inhere
иметь отношение
relate, concern, refer, pertain, bear on, regard
be appropriate, related, or applicable.
matters pertaining to the organization of government
He gives the example of initiation into adulthood as a period of liminality in Ndembu society, when the norms of everyday life no longer pertain .
In the public perception, all matters pertaining to health are the responsibility of the appropriate Ministry, or perhaps it should be so.
‘The culture of blame which pertains in this country today is an unhealthy and debilitating trend,’ the Prime Minister said.
A serious litter problem pertained at the Shopping Centre.
The university relations officer works to represent students on all matters pertaining to governance of the university.
He also troubleshoots matters pertaining to industrial unrest.
The adjective ‘gastric’ applies to all things pertaining to the stomach.
The reason for old gents' clubs - as grown-up common rooms for unmarried men who lodged in the City and couldn't cook for themselves - no longer pertains .
Apparently, the residents held a meeting the other day in the building to discuss matters pertaining to the same.
They are particularly ignorant, I found, when it comes to matters pertaining to the military.