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persuasion / убеждение, уговор, убедительность
имя существительное
conviction, belief, persuasion, opinion, doxy
persuasion, agreement
persuasiveness, cogency, persuasion, force, stringency
имя существительное
the action or fact of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something.
Monica needed plenty of persuasion before she actually left
a belief or set of beliefs, especially religious or political ones.
writers of all political persuasions
Any arm-twisting or gentle persuasion presumably took place in corridor huddles or late-night conversations.
Monica needed plenty of persuasion before she actually left
Why was there no adequate process of persuasion ?
Some urged caution, apparently believing that this government is open to persuasion .
It is a process of persuasion designed to induce ideas, opinions, or actions beneficial to the source.
Admittedly, it did take a bit of persuasion to get government accountants to accept that idea.
The two women may share a political persuasion but insiders say their styles of leadership are very different.
If this fails then gentle persuasion should follow.
Speaking for myself, I remain open to persuasion , should the honours committee look my way.
an ancient gas oven of the enamel persuasion