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persuade / убеждать, склонить, уговаривать
urge, assure, convince, persuade, exhort, argue
persuade, coax, reason, sell, win, blandish
cause (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.
it wasn't easy, but I persuaded him to do the right thing
How could I persuade her to believe me and not think I was being mental or playing a joke?
If the moral case won't persuade everyone, perhaps the practical case will.
Why would individuals expend effort to persuade an audience about something that it already believes?
No human voice can persuade the man who believes that God is speaking in his other ear.
Alas, the lead singer's attempts to persuade him to remove his shirt for the ladies went down the toilet.
Once again, I have concluded that the evidence does not persuade me that this event occurred.
Her dad's efforts to persuade her to buy a computer have fallen on deaf ears.
But the supposed need for an early revolution did persuade many to accept violence as a temporary necessity.
A more modern party may finally persuade them out of their armchairs and into the polling booth.
The arguments and results may persuade you to change the way you coach this critical skill.