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perspiration / пот, потение, испарина
имя существительное
sweat, perspiration, elbow grease, water
sweating, perspiration, sweat, transudation
perspiration, sweat, transudation, transpiration
имя существительное
the process of sweating.
it causes perspiration and a rapid heartbeat
His bulky muscles were covered in dirt and perspiration , and he'd been drilling our team the entire game.
He was leaning heavily on the crutches, breathing fast, and perspiration was beading on his forehead.
He was nauseated, short of breath, dizzy and drenched in perspiration .
Symptoms of the infection included heightened pulse, euphoria, high levels of perspiration and a distinct ringing in the ears.
Given the personnel involved, it looks as though the game will be more about perspiration than inspiration.
Drops of perspiration pour from millions of tiny sweat glands in the skin.
While parents think their kids sweat a lot because they're fat, profuse perspiration may be a symptom of incipient diabetes.
This kind of breathing sustains other aspects of the stress response, such as rapid heart rate and perspiration .
Exercise cranks up perspiration , leading to prime conditions for a zit reaction.
Could he go up to the emperor's personal advisor like this, covered in blood and perspiration ?