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perspicuous / ясный, понятный, ясно выражающий свои мысли
имя прилагательное
clear, bright, lucid, plain, fine, perspicuous
clear, understandable, obvious, comprehensible, intelligible, perspicuous
ясно выражающий свои мысли
имя прилагательное
(of an account or representation) clearly expressed and easily understood; lucid.
it provides simpler and more perspicuous explanations than its rivals
They appreciated the high seriousness and the perspicuous aspects of his intelligence, both evident in his books.
Unfortunately, the import of these qualifications has been less than perspicuous .
What the philosophers in question owe us is a perspicuous explanation of how there can be a class of entities which do not behave like particulars.
This is a simple but perspicuous consequence of the Cartesian doctrine of sensible qualities and its conception of matter.
He is now, though not wholly perspicuous , less enigmatic than he was at the beginning.
His was a perfectly balanced personality - tolerant, truthful, perspicuous and magnanimous.
Montague suggested a perspicuous way to capture the principle of compositionality formally.
To put Kant's universal principle more perspicuously : an action is just if it respects the freedom of others, and does so not accidentally but on principle.
It seeks, that is, not only to articulate and explicate - to perspicuously display - naturalism, but as well to give sound and rounded defence of naturalism.
We believe in the authority, sufficiency, inspiration, perspicuity , inerrancy and providential preservation of the Scriptures.