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perspicacious / проницательный
имя прилагательное
discerning, penetrating, shrewd, astute, perspicacious, piercing
имя прилагательное
having a ready insight into and understanding of things.
it offers quite a few facts to the perspicacious reporter
If only the writer had stepped out of his own sport and background and viewed it more impersonally, then he could have written something a little more engaging and perspicacious .
In a quieter way, it shows how a man perspicacious enough to see these faults in his former comrades can fail to see them still lurking within himself.
He has written the most complete, perspicacious , and moving book that has been published to date on the Francoist repression.
But you're not going to be reading this book for any perspicacious insight into the human condition.
Even more likely, it could be deliberate misdirection, a Nabokovian wink the author shares with the reader perspicacious enough to call his bluff.
The point is elaborated by the perspicacious professor a little later.
The feline anecdote was just one of a number of insights so perspicacious they subsequently acted as threads throughout the rest of the conference.
This former town librarian was perspicacious in acquiring paintings by Jack B. Yeats and his circle.
Second, I regularly have lunch with a few perspicacious psychologists and faculty members in other disciplines.
If only our parents could have been perspicacious enough to see our talent and force us into showbiz.