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personnel / персонал, кадры, личный состав
имя существительное
staff, personnel, panel
personnel, staff, manpower
личный состав
personnel, staff, manpower, panel, contingent
Firefighters were also at the scene, and a group of military personnel waited at the edge of the cordon.
The service personnel must be above board to gain the respect and assistance of the public.
Military personnel will also have access from inside the camp perimeter.
We invited Service personnel along to answer questions from anxious families.
sales personnel
British service personnel are helping to stabilise the security situation.
A barn owl had a new lease of life after it was rescued by fire service personnel at Teynampet.
We have got to let our service personnel know we are thinking about them and wish a speedy end to this situation.
She was transferred to the personnel and administrative department but given no work.
In addition, the number of service personnel is three times that of the passengers.