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personify / олицетворять, персонифицировать, воплощать
represent, personalize, personify, embody, impersonate, incarnate
incarnate, embody, personify, epitomize, externalize, objectify
represent (a quality or concept) by a figure in human form.
public pageants and dramas in which virtues and vices were personified
The longer I sat there, the more he seemed to personify all that is wretched in the pharmaceutical industry.
The trucks seem to personify the pent-up rage that's come to characterise car culture.
I guess if you were to personify them as a human, they'd be the pretty, fresh faced girl next door.
The two major characters personify nearly every unsavory characteristic inherent in human nature.
In many ways it was simply another reflection of the very human tendency to personify the forces of evil.
His characters personify determination and inventiveness.
In their detachment and mobility, these characters personify the movements and uses of capital as they enter speculatively into representations of different cultures.
Boxing champions personify and exemplify every important positive quality that it takes to survive in this world.
Like literary writers, nineteenth-century scientists sometimes created characters to embody or personify challenging ideas.
These heroes have served culturally and historically to personify and embody Manifest Destiny, the best of America's imaginary frontier in the flesh.