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personification / олицетворение, персонификация, воплощение
имя существительное
impersonation, personification, embodiment, epitome, incarnation, picture
embodiment, incarnation, epitome, personification, personalization, avatar
имя существительное
the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.
In those cultures, many scholars and many books would say the same: All these gods are then personification of some nature or phenomenon.
These people have become the epitome and complete personification of Greed and Corruption.
His grave monument reportedly featured the personification of Oligarchy setting fire to personified Democracy.
In the drawing for the full composition, the personification of architecture holds a model of a structure with Doric columns.
They acted as the personification or representatives of the party and the country, which were considered two sides of the same coin.
The use of the Greek word mammon, meaning money or wealth, in this context carries a sort of personification .
the design on the franc shows Marianne, the personification of the French republic
But indeed it is only strictly speaking that something is amiss, only if the allegorical content of each personification must be taken seriously.
He is the personification of eclecticism which results in a frustratingly mixed qualitative output.
Eros is a term insufficiently abstract; Eros is a god, Aphrodite a personification .
He was the personification and embodiment of hip-hop.