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personally / лично, персонально, сам
personally, individually, particularly, bodily, peculiarly, in one's own person
personally, in person
with the personal presence or action of the individual specified; in person.
she stayed to thank O'Brien personally
from someone's personal standpoint or according to their particular nature; in a subjective rather than an objective way.
he had spoken personally and emotionally
This requires individuals to be personally responsible for maintaining separate sets of addresses.
But in this event, it's a challenge to separate the public interest from what also would benefit him personally and politically.
He is not personally responsible for these things.
After all, the corporation was created in part to protect individuals from being held personally responsible for the actions of a public entity.
A man who holds individuals personally responsible for their acts may murder.
The organisation has sent a representative to the Council chamber in order to personally register the society's concerns.
He personally reviews the electronic orders doctors place and coaches those who don't get it quite right.
she stayed to thank O'Brien personally
This proposed offence would, for the first time, make companies and senior managers personally responsible for recklessly causing the death of workers.
But there was certainly nothing phony about the police officer who met up with her in order to personally escort her to the bank from which she received the cash originally.