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personalize / олицетворять, воплощать, относить на свой счет
represent, personalize, personify, embody, impersonate, incarnate
incarnate, embody, personify, epitomize, externalize, personalize
относить на свой счет
design or produce (something) to meet someone's individual requirements.
the wedding invitations will be personalized to your exact requirements
cause (something, especially an issue, argument, or debate) to become concerned with personalities or feelings rather than with general or abstract matters.
the mass media's tendency to personalize politics
personify (something, especially a deity or spirit).
evil spirits personalized in Satan
Cover the albums with pretty fabric or lace and stencil the recipient's initials on the front to personalize it.
But few dot-coms have realized that marketing potential, which would require them to personalize a site's content and advertising to each visitor's lifestyle in real time.
It may also personalize its behavior for each individual user based on knowledge of that user's profile, interests, and history.
This helps personalize service to each customer.
Existing customer information can be used to help personalize the customer experience.
I'd really like to personalize my bike with my name discreetly placed along the top tube.
The problem is that we Americans have this tendency to always personalize these conflicts.
Buying a house gives you the opportunity to choose a unique and distinct architectural style and to personalize it.
These bracelets not only feature encouraging words but on some websites, you can actually personalize them with your name, your own quote, or even your astrological sign.
A cookie is a text file of user data that helps e-tailers personalize Web pages for specific users, as well as identify an online customer's shopping habits.