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personality / личность, индивидуальность, деятель
имя существительное
personality, person, identity, individual, figure, character
individuality, personality, identity, selfhood, distinction
doer, actor, personality, agent
имя существительное
the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.
she had a sunny personality that was very engaging
a famous person, especially in entertainment or sports.
an official opening by a famous personality
the quality or fact of being a person as distinct from a thing or animal.
disparaging remarks about an individual.
A good mask should be able to express the personality of the character.
On top of all that, Charles says they have bucket loads of personality .
I suppose I was questioning the whole idea of what a celebrity or a personality is.
They have no personality , and if you try and study them closely in the dream, you can't make out any detail on their face.
There remains the question of the distinction between a television star and a television personality .
There is only one possible reason for a book such as this, the autobiography of a television personality .
Instead it is a study of the personality traits of successful people.
Not that it matters anyway: we're probably more interested in personality and passion for the role than test points.
she has triumphed by sheer force of personality
This is also when you can get to know the personality and character of your prospective sitter.