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personage / персонаж, человек, особа
имя существительное
character, personage, person, persona
man, person, human, individual, human being, personage
individual, person, personage, party, worthy
имя существительное
a person (often used to express their significance, importance, or elevated status).
it was no less a personage than the bishop
He must be a very important NF personage to have such a prominent spot in the photo shoot.
The first major championship for eight long months doubles as a meeting place for just about every golf official and important personage .
it was no less a personage than the bishop
She appeared to be a princess or a personage of high importance anyway.
it was no less a personage than the bishop
Brenda is lewd, tough, quick-witted, hilarious - a more vivid character than any fictional personage in recent American movies.
Harold had won fame and wealth as a Viking, and had been an important personage at the Byzantine Court.
I suspect that the artist or PR person for this event had many similar reactions from various Z list media personages around the capital.
We had seats in the Abbey and were able to see the Royal personages passing up the aisle fairly well, but I could not get excited.
He had always thought that Air Force One jets were reserved for very important personages , like the president.