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person-to-person / с глазу на глаз
имя прилагательное
taking place directly between individuals.
person-to-person transmission of the disease
Transmission is through person-to-person contact by direct, even brief, head-to-head contact.
There is no person-to-person transmission, so the skin acts as natural barrier.
I just think you need some person-to-person contact in your education.
Do they really want data transmission or is it really just they want person-to-person communication at all times?
The risk of person-to-person transmission of pulmonary anthrax is minimal.
In most cases infection occurs by close person-to-person contact, but there are several cases now that we cannot explain by this model of transmission.
According to medical specialists, direct person-to-person spread of anthrax is extremely unlikely to occur.
And all of a sudden it's person-to-person contact.
In person-to-person auctions, individual sellers or small businesses offer their items for auction directly to consumers.
What is it they say, something like only 5% of our person-to-person communication is in the actual words we use?