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persistent / постоянный, настойчивый, стойкий
имя прилагательное
constant, standing, permanent, continuous, regular, persistent
persistent, insistent, urgent, emphatic, aggressive, firm
persistent, resistant, stable, steadfast, enduring, lasting
имя прилагательное
continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
one of the government's most persistent critics
continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period.
persistent rain will affect many areas
(of a part of an animal or plant, such as a horn, leaf, etc.) remaining attached instead of falling off in the normal manner.
Both groups had woody stems that were heavily armored with persistent leaf bases, much like modern cycads.
Now the small towns seem sleepy, subject to the slower economy and the persistent rain, but then… I don't know.
Numerous golden sporangia with persistent peridia still intact formed on the bark surface and on mosses.
Yet, of course, Andrew was persistent and followed her in her wake.
It seems unlikely that the York review will silence the long, persistent and mounting opposition to fluoridation.
In terms of pain, however, ‘chronic’ denotes persistent pain over a period of at least three months.
The seal assures the product was created without toxic and persistent chemicals, in accordance with strict organic standards.
Now, there's a thing: ‘a persistent irritating critic; a nuisance.’
Dioxins are a group of persistent and very toxic chemicals that are the by-products of PVC production.
The latest effort from the racially diverse band should silence all but the most persistent critics.
I think my most persistent critic is a certain Straussian who nonetheless often circulates to others particular posts of mine that he considers particularly good.