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persevere / упорно продолжать, упорно добиваться, стойко продолжать
упорно продолжать
persevere, persist, go on, stick at
упорно добиваться
persevere, peg away
стойко продолжать
continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.
his family persevered with his treatment
Those who hope to last as long as he has in his role as managing director of a successful Irish company must persevere , he said.
The saddest part is that despite all of the hassles and law suits, they continue to persevere .
Take it as an indication that you're on the right path and persevere , that's what I'm believing.
Every team suffers a key loss - the teams that persevere in spite of injuries play in January.
Yet your mother persevered - she is still persevering .
He was shivering, and began to have difficulty breathing, but he persevered .
They could help to shape the future of our children in a positive direction and help them to pursue and achieve their goals perseveringly .
The elderly are not a separate species, but our neighbours who happen to be old and whom we are to love as ourselves, sacrificially and perseveringly .
He is steady, persevering , deliberate, unflappable and safe.
He has survived by persevering despite the odds.