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persecution / преследование, гонение
имя существительное
persecution, pursuit, chase, chasing, victimization, manhunt
имя существительное
hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs.
her family fled religious persecution
Under the 1996 laws, asylum seekers fleeing persecution are now held behind bars.
his persecution at the hands of other students
his persecution at the hands of other students
He was by no means the only man of letters of his time who had to submit to something like persecution .
Violence, war, poverty, unemployment, crime or persecution drive many others to escape.
No refugee would be able to flee from their country of persecution without first joining the mythical queue to apply for a protection visa.
Think about someone convicted by a kangaroo court with faceless judges moving to the UK to escape further persecution .
In the sixteenth chapter, Gibbon examinees the persecution of Christians by several Roman emperors.
her family fled religious persecution
They came mostly from areas of the Russian empire where religious persecution was common.