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persecute / преследовать, подвергать гонениям, докучать
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, hunt
подвергать гонениям
bother, pester, annoy, importune, interfere, persecute
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, persecute
имя существительное
pursuer, persecutor, chaser, shadower, persecute
subject (someone) to hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of their race or political or religious beliefs.
his followers were persecuted by the authorities
We should also be targeting the source of the problem: repressive governments which persecute their own citizens.
We see a dictator using force to repress and persecute his opponents.
He was martyred after refusing to persecute Christians and became a patron saint of soldiers.
Last week we witnessed two fine examples of the extent to which anti-smoking zealots will go in order to hound and persecute smokers.
The moral is: persecuting farmers is not the way to have lower food prices, nor is it the way to make farm income lower than other forms of income.
She claims she has been persecuted because of her religious beliefs.
Local authorities should concentrate on providing services to the public not persecuting honest shopkeepers.
The paranoid type have prominent persecutory or grandiose delusions or hallucinations with similar content.
In July, he confronted her about the investigation, accusing her of persecuting him, and demanding to know how she had any right to continue the investigation.
The Muslim population claims it was systematically persecuted for its religion by the Greek Orthodox majority.