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perquisite / приработок, побочный доход, чаевые
имя существительное
perk, perquisite
побочный доход
tip, tips, gratuity, perquisite, douceur, perk
имя существительное
a thing regarded as a special right or privilege enjoyed as a result of one's position.
the wife of a president has all the perquisites of stardom
a thing that has served its primary use and is then given to a subordinate or employee as a customary right.
No longer was wealth primarily the perquisite of the landed.
The proposal is premised on the idea that tenure exists as a perquisite , a personal entitlement, and nothing more.
That's an unexpected perquisite that has benefited my daily life away from the poker tables.
Administrations at some institutions appear to have viewed computer and Internet access as a lower-order faculty perquisite that may be summarily terminated.
When companies start disclosing that they have extended this perquisite , he said, their shares drop 2 percent, on average.
To carry out this function the Speaker was supplied with silver by the Crown, which he retained as a perquisite after leaving office.
He increased the university's endowment and, at the same time, enormously expanded administrative costs and perquisites .
They desire fair compensation and financial benefits as well as the perquisites of many managerial jobs.
With workers in demand, employees can easily leave one organization and seek a better salary and perquisites in a new position.
It goes to the accountability and the powers and perquisites of the government.