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perplex / смущать, ставить в тупик, приводить в недоумение
embarrass, confuse, disturb, perplex, disconcert, bewilder
ставить в тупик
confound, nonplus, perplex, bewilder, puzzle, baffle
приводить в недоумение
(of something complicated or unaccountable) cause (someone) to feel completely baffled.
she was perplexed by her husband's moodiness
The Aztecs exhibition will stun and perplex many people who see it.
Questions such as those can perplex many workers.
We are all anxious and eager to find answers to questions that intrigue and perplex us; this is natural.
No, what is perplexing me more is the discrepancy between giving and asking.
Physicians are often perplexed about how to interpret abnormal results within the panels.
But perplexingly , for most species, speckling patterns are often found to do a very poor job of helping eggs to blend in.
It perplexes me that smart people so often say things like this.
I sat up and looked at him oddly, almost as though the question perplexed me more than anything else.
The 67-year-old director seems perplexed by the question.
I gazed down perplexedly at the top of her glossy, jet-black head.