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perpendicular / перпендикуляр, вертикальное положение, закусывание стоя
имя существительное
perpendicular, normal, vertical
вертикальное положение
закусывание стоя
имя прилагательное
perpendicular, normal, sheer, square, up-and-down
vertical, upright, erect, plumb, portrait, perpendicular
sheer, steep, vertical, plumb, bluff, perpendicular
имя прилагательное
at an angle of 90° to a given line, plane, or surface.
dormers and gables that extend perpendicular to the main roofline
denoting the latest stage of English Gothic church architecture, prevalent from the late 14th to mid 16th centuries and characterized by broad arches, elaborate fan vaulting, and large windows with vertical tracery.
the handsome Perpendicular church of St. Andrew
имя существительное
a straight line at an angle of 90° to a given line, plane, or surface.
at each division, draw a perpendicular representing the surface line
Then, since both semicircles are perpendicular to the plane ABC, so is their line of intersection QN.
It enters the room at a 30-degree angle, its steps and risers mitered to dramatic points, its uprights perpendicular not to the floor but to its own sloping rails.
Each tissue sample was completely immersed and oriented such that the tissue surface was perpendicular to the surface of the embedding medium.
The elevation of the Planalto exceeds 1000 m at the eastern end close to the Atlantic coast, and the Serra Geral facing the east forms a perpendicular cliff.
The horizontal grid lines are perpendicular to the centerline.
Velocity is perpendicular to the line of motion, etc.
You created two lines that are perpendicular to each other.
The lines in the miniblotter were perpendicular to the lines of the fixed probes.
Now rotate the molecule 120° about an axis which is perpendicular to the molecular plane and which passes through the central A atom.
In the initial state, the chains are perpendicular to the dividing surface, meaning that n coincides with N.