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peroxide / перекись, перекись водорода
имя существительное
перекись водорода
имя существительное
a compound containing two oxygen atoms bonded together in its molecule or as the anion O 2 2−.
Functions include detoxification of free radicals and peroxides , regulation of cell growth and protein function, and maintenance of immune function.
bleach (hair) with peroxide.
I am not convinced by her argument that peroxided hair came into vogue in the early 1920s, nor that the national fascination with blondes was strong in that decade.
Remember peroxide is bleach so test an inconspicuous spot first for color fastness.
‘I think it's important to be original,’ the 27-year-old with peroxide blonde hair said.
She had long peroxide colored hair and amazingly light hazel eyes.
I followed my cousin's instructions and put a combination of peroxide , lemon juice and Sun-In through my black hair.
Try here for ammonia and peroxide free hair dye.
benzoyl peroxide
Make poultice soaked with 20% peroxide (hair bleaching strength) and a few drops of ammonia.
In over-the-counter treatments (like the strips you use), peroxide bleaches your pearly whites.
He had a bright purple suit on and had dyed his hair peroxide blond.
She went to the bathroom to grab some peroxide water.