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permission / разрешение, позволение
имя существительное
resolution, permission, permit, authorization, solution, license
permission, allowance, leave, permittance, leaving
имя существительное
consent; authorization.
they had entered the country without permission
Some local farmers, without obtaining government permission , were setting up distilleries in their small farmhouses.
But, keep in mind, viewers would have to give their permission first.
No adverts or signs are to be erected on the property unless prior planning permission is granted.
The decision went against the advice of the board's own planning inspector who recommended that permission be refused.
His father was given permission to see him only once but was not allowed to talk to his son.
he went out without his mother's permission
you can't use the music without the composer's permission
Interviews were conducted by telephone, with parents' prior permission , across the country.
But outline planning permission was granted anyway in the face of opposition.
he received permission to go to Brussels