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permeability / проницаемость
имя существительное
permeability, penetration, penetrability
имя существительное
the state or quality of a material or membrane that causes it to allow liquids or gases to pass through it.
Two of the five participants had abnormally high permeability; the intestinal permeability of all five decreased.
a quantity measuring the influence of a substance on the magnetic flux in the region it occupies.
The coefficient of permeability remains constant during consolidation.
the size of hole needed depends on the permeability of the soil
The coefficient of permeability remains constant during consolidation.
Compaction reduces the permeability of the soil and increases its shear strength and bearing capacity.
Heat has also been observed to induce skin permeability changes.
Considerable evidence supports the presence of increased small intestinal permeability in Crohn's disease.
A model is presented to relate intracellular lifetime to true membrane diffusional permeability .
Albumin also may be decreased due to increased capillary permeability and leakage in surrounding tissues.
In other words, the permeability barrier is selectively transparent for transporter proteins.
Higher temperatures reaching up to 50°C enhanced cuticular water permeability by approximately one order of magnitude.
He calculated that a material that had a negative permittivity and a negative permeability would also have a negative refractive index.