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perky / веселый, самоуверенный, бойкий
имя прилагательное
cheerful, merry, gay, glad, happy, perky
assertive, confident, opinionated, cocky, perky, presumptuous
glib, jaunty, perky, pert, saucy
имя прилагательное
cheerful and lively.
she certainly looked less than her usual perky self
The pert and perky secretary in the waiting room was unsuccessful in her attempts to keep the man at bay.
The new roomie is just a tad too perky for me to handle this morning.
Kathy grinned at me, her whole face brightening up, once again painfully perky .
Because, if you just glance at me, I look as cute and perky and joyful as ever.
One network thinks their salvation may come in the form of a rival's perky morning show host.
We've already seen a perky chickadee on our bird feeder and I met the striped lizard that seems to live in the chimney rocks.
I was relieved, because that was the day Max and I taught our classes and I wanted to be feeling perky .
Betty, who seems so sunny and perky , practices the lines of a scene for her upcoming audition with Rita.
She is perky , happy to do publicity and says almost nothing interesting.
The temperature is about 60 degrees, a strategy to keep the lights cool, and the cast alive and perky .