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periwig / парик
имя существительное
wig, periwig, peruke
The front door opened and Herr von Rogoff emerged, dressed in a black coat and a stiff gray periwig that put me in mind of a portrait of a great-grandfather I had once seen.
During the Restoration its rooms saw many grand assemblies (at one, Samuel Pepys burnt his periwig on a candle).
How many of today's children know what a periwig is, let alone a waistcoat made of paduasoy?
The periwig , adopted from French fashion after the Restoration, not only concealed baldness or reduced head-lice (since the natural hair was close-cropped or shaved) but was worn to enhance dignity.
He scuttled ahead to hold open the door, moving so jerkily that his periwig slipped down over his forehead.
The small party was conspicuous enough to be identified by a group of German tourists outside Paris, so they took the precaution of buying periwigs to thicken their disguises.
Several groups found themselves excluded from the American Dream of the white, periwigged , slaveholding intelligentsia of Enlightenment Virginia.
Some seem silly now, like his campaign to rid the New World of periwigs .