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periscope / перископ
имя существительное
periscope, look-see
имя существительное
an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight.
The commander has seven optical periscopes which provide 360° observation and a dedicated sight for weapon aiming.
Visitors can try out a submariner's bunk, learn how to control the boat as it dives, look through the periscope , detect underwater sounds on a hydrophone, climb into a mock conning tower and operate an escape chamber.
The cork floated on the surface, its quill upright like the periscope of a submarine.
There was the conning tower with the periscope easily identifiable inside; there were the access hatches.
To see above and below the water, mudskippers pop their movable eyes out of the water and move them up and down like a submarine periscope .
Although cramped and uncomfortable, these boats were fine examples of engineering, with most of the features to be found on normal-sized boats, including a periscope .
Another classic application of the field lens is in a periscope or endoscope.
He also made the submarine commander glare through the periscope with his right eye so that it could be seen more easily.
Their compound eyes look like a periscope of a submarine and allow the lobster to see images in a mosaic pattern.
Primitive periscopes , made from long wooden boxes with mirrors, were arranged so that an observer could look over the rim of the trench without getting hit by a sniper's bullet.
Human lookouts are used to detect submarine periscopes .