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periodicity / периодичность, повторяемость, частота
имя существительное
periodicity, rhythm
frequency, frequence, periodicity, freak
имя существительное
the quality or character of being periodic; the tendency to recur at intervals.
the periodicity of the sunspot cycle
Given the coincidence of this period with natural circadian periodicity , interventions designed to promote sleep might focus on widening this 1-hour window to make more time available for sleep.
the periodicity of the sunspot cycle
He found that when he arranged the elements in order of increasing atomic weight, similar properties were repeated at regular intervals; they displayed periodicity .
In the room of the stanza, in the house of the sonnet, to which we return again and again, we are able to dance because of the formal periodicity established by the line.
So how do you pick four notes that sound good no matter what order or periodicity they're played in?
the periodicity of the sunspot cycle
Blue is also, in this poem, the emblem of temporal distance, and so of the shadow side, a blue shadow, of the mindful periodicity that orders our lives.