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periodical / журнал, периодическое издание
имя существительное
magazine, log, journal, periodical, book, register
периодическое издание
periodical, serial, review
имя прилагательное
periodic, periodical, recurrent, repeating, seriate, terminal
имя прилагательное
occurring or appearing at intervals; occasional.
she took periodical gulps of her tea
имя существительное
a magazine or newspaper published at regular intervals.
Under the Act, newspapers, magazines and periodicals are exempt from the need to be qualified to give advice.
I'm going to talk mostly about the so-called mass media, particularly periodical and book publishing.
Particularly useful is the preface, which gives a snappy account of the periodical publishing history of aviation.
But the democratic process leaves it open to the citizens as a whole, in periodical elections, to bless or oppose the plans or decisions of particular parties or groups or clans of politicians.
He said that one of the useful activities that the association could think of was to publish periodical newsletters, which would give opportunities to alumni to write about their experiences.
I got about 25 pregnant patients today, some of them very young, as part of periodical examination procedures which also involve a bit of boring paperwork.
I wonder whether it might have been better to publish these reviews in the periodical biomedical literature as a supplement to an established journal, so that they could more certainly find their way into libraries and indices.
on a periodical basis
I found few periodical publications that addressed the needs and education of fathers.
It is the periodical publication of the professional society of newspaper editorial writers.
Court jurisdiction to award periodical payments was severely curtailed, although not abolished.