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perimeter / периметр
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
circular, round, perimeter, orbicular, gyrate, all-round
имя существительное
the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure.
the perimeter of a rectangle
an instrument for measuring the extent and characteristics of a person's field of vision.
The most interesting results show, with a very ingenious proof, that an equilateral triangle has a greater area than any isosceles or scalene triangle with the same perimeter .
Andrews and the crew quickly exited the aircraft and established a defensive perimeter .
Bitter fighting ensued and the enemy overran forward elements, infiltrated the perimeter and rendered friendly positions untenable.
One is a low-voltage electric fence around the perimeter of your garden.
Our job was to scout, observe and report on enemy activity in the vast area beyond our perimeter .
Zenodorus studied the area of a figure with a fixed perimeter and the volume of a solid figure with fixed surface.
With reduced defensive contact on the perimeter , point guards can do their jobs with less harassment.
Simultaneously, they would seize territory throughout the Pacific Rim and attempt to establish a strategic defensive perimeter .
The idea of trained guards patrolling a secure perimeter is a good one.
He's also beginning to get a feel for the right time to squeeze off a tough shot and when to flick the ball out to the perimeter and restart.