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peril / опасность, риск
имя существительное
danger, hazard, peril, menace, jeopardy, gravity
risk, hazard, chance, peril, adventure, jeopardy
подвергать опасности
endanger, jeopardize, imperil, compromise, jeopardy, peril
имя существительное
serious and immediate danger.
his family was in peril
expose to danger; threaten.
Jonathon periled his life for love of David
He stated that the mother had brought her daughter into peril and now had an obligation to free her from that peril .
So what mortal peril is going to be thrown at me next, then?
a setback to the state could present a peril to the regime
All city motorists have avoided the peril of six, eight or ten penalty points.
Saunders called a timeout and considered his response to a situation fraught with peril .
Agitated behavior often develops abruptly and at times has potential for immediate peril .
And then her son would have no choice but to face the greatest peril of his life.
Some of our favorite pieces help us remember that peril and despair breed hope, not helplessness.
his family was in peril
you could well place us both in peril