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perfunctory / поверхностный, небрежный, формальный
имя прилагательное
surface, superficial, sketchy, shallow, cursory, perfunctory
careless, negligent, sloppy, casual, inadvertent, perfunctory
formal, official, pro forma, ceremonial, perfunctory, regular
inattentive, careless, remiss, heedless, unobservant, perfunctory
имя прилагательное
(of an action or gesture) carried out with a minimum of effort or reflection.
he gave a perfunctory nod
Anyone with even the most perfunctory interest in classical music will have their own favourite Mozart piece.
He fails in his duty if his investigation is superficial, slipshod or perfunctory .
They are functional but somehow perfunctory , uncompelling.
His comments on these developments were rather brief and perfunctory .
But its digital download efforts to date have been perfunctory and poorly promoted.
After a perfunctory search, the soldiers found nothing suspicious in his vehicle and the incident was written off as a tragic accident.
After the most perfunctory of prefaces, he began to speak quickly, urgently.
Still, if her attempts to marry wealth are perfunctory , her efforts to increase hers are disastrous.
Without individualized merit pay, teacher evaluations will remain perfunctory at best.
A perfunctory glance at the painting without having any thought on the substance and the meaning of the work is of little use.