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perfumery / парфюмерия
имя существительное
perfumery, toiletry
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the action or business of producing or selling perfumes.
an oil used in perfumery
Uses for common plants in perfumery , cooking and medicines, as well as music, dance and even transport through the ages, will all take centre stage.
It seems that this is the universal blueprint to which perfumery has reduced itself.
Ketones are also used in the flavoring and perfumery industry.
Citral, extracted from lemon grass, has great demand in perfumery and food industry as well as in vitamin-A production.
The book is a study on the significance of flowers and floral imagery in Indian history, art, culture, religion, traditions, rituals, architecture, perfumery , and culinary art.
It has been created using the design principles of ‘classic French perfumery , and has unusually high concentrations of natural scent oils’.
In fact, there is a definite analogy to music used in perfumery and the ingredients are assembled and expressed as a top note, middle note or base note.
an oil used in perfumery
When I was a child in the Belgian countryside, my grandmother taught me crafts like lace-making, perfumery and painting.
It is used in perfumery and as an insect repellant.