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perform / выполнять, совершать, исполнять
perform, carry out, fulfill, execute, do, satisfy
make, commit, perform, accomplish, effect, administer
perform, execute, fulfill, comply, play, do
carry out, accomplish, or fulfill (an action, task, or function).
I have my duties to perform
present (a form of entertainment) to an audience.
the cast of 14 perform the play superbly
They must perform to the standards they have set themselves week in, week out.
Cessation of sexual activity was often due to the attitude and the ability of the male to perform sexually.
That he has regained sufficient emotional stability, after many years of considerable distress, to perform before live audiences is welcome.
he was unable to perform
I have my duties to perform
The pastoral council are looking for people who can sing, dance or perform on stage for a variety show they are arranging in Moneenroe hall in March.
As her maid of honor, it is my duty to perform certain tasks.
But he said workers were able to reach the plant to perform maintenance tasks by walking along nearby railroad tracks.
The members of the club committee at present perform the dual role of branch and club committee.
But she and her fellow dogs did not perform to the standard their owners are used to and the team came a disappointing fifth.