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perforation / перфорация, отверстие, пробой
имя существительное
perforation, punching
hole, opening, port, aperture, orifice, perforation
breakdown, puncture, breakthrough, disruption, perforation, rupture
имя существительное
a hole made by boring or piercing; an aperture passing through or into something.
the perforations allow water to enter the well
The authors report a case of esophageal perforation after sequential double-lung transplantation for bronchiectasis.
Sometimes the result is a perforation - a hole in the eardrum - but this often heals by itself within two months.
Operations for complications such as strangulation or perforation , should they occur, are relatively straightforward and have a high success rate.
This seizure was followed by perforation of his large bowel and a subsequent fatal arrhythmia.
Classical collectors are more interested in the technical details of the stamp, such as its perforation , paper, and details of design.
The most serious side effects include gastrointestinal bleeding and perforation , renal dysfunction, and platelet dysfunction.
All had vivid memories of the bottles with cardboard tops and the perforation in the middle to be pushed open to allow for the straw.
The most common organ to perforate in a newborn (aside from perforations caused by necrotizing enterocolitis) is spontaneous perforation of the stomach.
A polymicrobial culture raises the suspicion for intestinal perforation or abscess formation.
An inquest recorded a verdict of death by misadventure after hearing she died of acute peritonitis, caused by the perforation of her bowel during the operation.