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perforate / перфорированный
имя прилагательное
perforated, punched, perforate
pierce, perforate, prick, pounce
perforate, pierce
pierce and make a hole or holes in.
the worms had perforated the pages of the book from cover to cover
имя прилагательное
a perforate shell
All multinucleate and uninucleate components of the larva are connected by perforate plugged junctions.
Usually, an open surgical technique is performed to interrupt the flow of these incompetent perforate veins.
The perforate , thin-walled structure to the bowl-shaped sponge is distinctive, particularly where the relatively close, but irregular, packing of the various ranked canals and ostia is evident.
One possibility would be to look for preserved hyphae in Ediacaran fossils and in associated microbial mats, specifically hyphae with perforate cell walls.
The basic morphology consists of two nested, perforate cones connected by a series of septa.
Typically, the instrument has seven finger holes and one thumb hole together with a flaring bell, often perforated by several sound holes.
The inside page was a perforated absentee ballot application which was returned to our post office box.
A possible explanation was that part of the disc being removed had perforated the artery - there was no suggestion that any surgical implement had caused the damage.
It's a uniquely hard limestone that can be perforated in a way, he says, that no other limestone can.
One side of each box is perforated with small holes and the opposite side is an open, plain square of light.