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perfectly / отлично, совершенно, вполне
perfectly, fine, well, perfectly well, splendidly, famously
completely, absolutely, quite, entirely, perfectly, complete
quite, completely, well, fully, perfectly, complete
in a manner or way that could not be better.
the ring fitted perfectly
Served in a sauce with beef, game or shellfish, it can lift the flavour perfectly .
A face is perfectly symmetrical where one side is exactly the same as the other.
It is my idea of a perfectly lovely summer afternoon to sit in a lawn chair in the shade and read.
Around them the paddies are such a perfectly unsullied shade of green they don't seem real.
For him to want to continue a relationship with his child is perfectly natural.
It is, of course, perfectly legitimate to question whether or not they were right to do that.
The reality is far from that and I wondered why because to us it seems perfectly normal.
Now it is of course perfectly possible for there to be two valid legal reasons for doing something.
Of course, many of the technicians knew perfectly well how to read music but they could not admit it.
The utter misery of having to finish a race you wish you'd never started is captured perfectly .