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percolate / просачиваться, процедить, процеживать
soak, leak, seep, leak out, filter, percolate
strain, filter, percolate
filter, strain, percolate, filtrate
(of a liquid or gas) filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
the water percolating through the soil may leach out minerals
(of coffee) be prepared in a percolator.
he put some coffee on to percolate
Water would naturally percolate through the rocks, and this would speed up the cooling of the pluton.
These deposits represent enrichments of ore minerals caused by surface waters that percolate downwards through an existing sulphide-rich orebody.
Isn't it true there is no freedom of the press, without which good ideas do not percolate well?
They did badly, in part, because much of this growth did not percolate into the rural areas.
Water will percolate down through the soil/trash mixture and collect in the bottom.
he put some coffee on to percolate
You also have a natural filtration process as the water will percolate down through the ground and the ground will filter the water naturally.
Inevitably ideas percolate from one religion to another.
The sand in the Marietta preserve overlies an ancient soil surface so hard and dense that water cannot percolate through it.
So those could be living down the cracks underneath the surface but the gasses will still percolate upwards.